Monday, June 29, 2015

Tomorrow's the Big Day!!!

We had our final walk-through today with our project manager.  Everything went REALLY well.  To be completely honest, we went feeling pretty nervous about what things he would be willing to do from the building inspector's report.  But we left very happy and grateful that he addressed every single one and was going to fix them today.  So relieved.  He walked us through the house and showed us all the things in our house and how they worked.  Seriously, I feel like when this house was designed, everything was thought of.  Even things I wouldn't have considered.  So like I said, we had about 12 things that could be fixed today that he was going to take care of.  We're still waiting for our landscaping to be completed and when it does actually happen, he said we could definitely talk the people working on it about how we would prefer the land to be graded.  We were very happy to hear that. 

The one concern that we have was with the carpet.  We upgraded our first floor carpet and carpet pad.  We upgraded to the 8 pound pad.  I was thinking it would feel awesome and as soon as I stood on it, it felt like I was standing on cement.  We mentioned to him and he said that he didn't know but he could call Rite Rug and have them come check it out.  What I found even stranger was as soon as we stood on the steps to go upstairs (non-upgraded carpet and pad) it felt super cushy.  My husband took off one of the vents to see if you could see the pad, which we could, and it definitely looked like the 5 lb. standard pad.  So, they will call us and set up an appointment to check it out and if it's the wrong pad, they will re-do it.  Kind of a hassle, but at the same time, maybe we got the upstairs upgraded with padding out of it.  We'll see how this all works out.  Here's the final pictures!
 Final finished basement!
So, behind that door on the left is the "water closet" with the main valves for the water.  It is open insulation.  This is considered "unfinished basement" and is why they don't put up dry wall there.  Boo.

 Our retaining wall in the back.
 Family Room!  With padding that wasn't so great.  :(
 Morning room looking into the family room.
 Huge vaulted ceiling.
 Another morning room shot.
 Powder room.
 Living room looking into family room.
 Other side of the living room.
 Front of the house.
 Dining room.
 Looking upstairs.
 The kitchen!
We are all very excited for tomorrow.  We close at 11 and are moving in in the evening.  So excited to see the end!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Final Private Inspection

We hired a private inspector to come check out the house now that everything is pretty much done.  Nothing too major.  The main things of concern that he found was that some of the vents leading to outside from the laundry room and upstairs bathroom weren't working properly and that in the utility closet in the basement, the insulation is still completely exposed where there should be a wall.  It says directly on the paper that it shouldn't be around any heat sources and it's right next to the water heater and the furnace.  We're hoping we can get those things cleared up and we're set to go!  We have our final walk through with our project manager on Monday at 9 a.m. and then our settlement is Tuesday at 11 if everything gets fixed and working.  We couldn't be more excited.  We've got all of our appliances purchased and set to be delivered next week as well as all of our things about 85% packed.  So exciting!  And I leave you with some pictures.  When we do our final walk through, I will get final pictures of all the rooms.  These are just from my husband who went to the inspection yesterday.  One other thing, it's been so wet and rainy, they haven't been able to do the main landscaping.  They have to wait until there's 3 consecutive good weather days.  So we'll see when that actually happens because it's not looking good for at least another week and a half!

 The final product!
 Our sidewalk and driveway were done, we got some bushes and a tree, our front light post was put in, and our grading was mostly done.
 The lights above our garage were also installed.
 How our back yard looks.  A little more sloped than we were hoping, but we'll see how it really looks in the end.

 The side yard.

 Some paper sticking out of the brick...
 Look at us be energy efficient!
 Looking into the kitchen from the family room.  Those cabinets are looking very orange to me...don't know how long they're going to stay that color.
 Our fireplace :)
 Dining room looking across the entryway and into the living room.  The chandelier still needs to be moved into the morning room.
 Laundry room.
 Bedroom #3
 Bedroom #4
 Other side of bedroom #4
 Upstairs hall bath.  Once again, I don't know how long that vanity will stay that color :)
 Bedroom #5
 Cute closet in bedroom #5
 Linen closet in master bath.
 Right side of the master closet.
 Left side of the master closet.
 Behind the door on the left side of the master closet.
 Double vanity in master bath.

 Master bedroom.
 Master bedroom.
 Where our fridge will go!  SO excited for the fridge we got!
 Our cute little tree.
One last outdoor shot.  
We are almost there and this house is almost ours!