Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We're Moving Forward!

Hello!  We signed our papers last week to build a Fox Chapel Model with Ryan homes and are very excited about the next chapter in our lives.  Here's a run down of what we've already gone through.  It's been about a month long process.
  • We first met with a Ryan Homes Sales Representative around the end of December.  We went through all of our options and what was available and such.  She was more than helpful with every question we had.  We were also looking at re-sale homes as well and weren't really set on building a home.  But, as we talked to her and looked at what we would want, we were really surprised to find out that the price was very comparable to existing homes.  We weren't expecting that at all.  We continued to look at all of our options while keeping in touch with our SR.  In the end, it all came together and it felt like the right move for our family and we signed the papers.
  • Our SR, like I mentioned, has been great to work with.  When we went to sign our Purchase Agreement, she gave us a heads up that the meeting would be about 2 hours.  We were able to fill out some of the paper work before getting to the meeting and in the end, we were done in an hour, which was great!  And after signing, we had a huge burden lifted and felt very excited to have finally made a choice.
  • We visited the Fox Chapel Model Home 3 times.  This is something that I would advise to do!  Seriously.  The first time is more of a "Wow, this is a really great house."  The second time, we were actually able to pay attention to more of the details, to what's included, what's an upgrade, how things would actually work, etc.  The third time, we took my mom with us to get an outside opinion, once again, a great piece of advice.  She picked up on things that neither of us had after our two visits and they were very helpful.  One thing we were looking at also with the third visit was the lighting.  My husband was interested in the recessed lighting, so when we went, we turned the lights on and off to see the difference in the rooms.  We decided to not add the recessed lights just because it didn't make a big enough difference to us.  Also, pay attention to the fact that they don't put screens on the windows, which also makes it appear that there's more light.  Here's some pictures of the model home we've been visiting.
The Front of the House

Our house won't have the front porch.  But it will have the side garage and steps very similar to this.
The tiniest entryway closet ever.
 Looking up the stairs and to the back of the house.  The bathroom is the door behind the clock.
 Looking down the stairs.
Looking into the living room from the entryway.
 Looking into the dining room from the living room.
 Looking to the front entryway from the kitchen.
Looking to the back of the house from the front door.
 I LOVE that there's a window right next to the front door!
Living Room/Study
 The windows pictured here are an upgrade.

Dining Room
 The windows on the front of the house.
 The bay window that's an upgrade.
 The sort of odd curve on the one side of the wall by the staircase.
 The tray ceiling that's an upgrade.
Looking into the kitchen from the dining room.
Looking into the dining room from the kitchen.
Main Floor Powder Room
There is an oval mirror above the sink.
 Looking into the kitchen from the family room back wall without the 4 ft. extension.
 The pantry, which is to the left of the stove.
 The same pantry again.
 Looking from the dining room with the morning room in the back.
Looking into the morning room.
Looking in from the family room.
 From farther back in the family room.
Morning Room

The included door is a double patio door instead of a sliding glass door.  You get the closet if you get the 4 foot extension in the family room.
Family Room
 Looking in from the kitchen.  This has the 4 foot extension.

Gas Fireplace
 Looking in from the morning room.  Ours will have an opening in the middle of the wall leading into the living room.

 The finished bathroom in the basement.
The egress window.  This one is in the basement part under the morning room.
 The morning room portion of the basement.
The stairs leading down to the basement.  The door leads to the garage.
Upstairs Hallway
From the laundry room looking down to the master bedroom at the end.
Looking from the stairs to the laundry room.
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
 Master closet number 1
 Master Closet number 2
Double vanity, linen closet and soaking tub.  In between the closet and tub is the 2nd master closet.

Bedrooms 2, 3, and 4

Upstairs Bathroom
Upstairs Laundry Room
  • As for upgrades, the things we are getting are:
    • Finished basement (incentive)
    • Morning room (incentive)
    • Ceiling fan rough ins in all the bedrooms
    • Bathroom rough in in the basement
    • Fireplace in the family room
    • Flood lights outside
    • Making the office a 5th bedroom
    • Non-gourmet island
Those are the main things I can think of right now.  I'm sure there's more.  We've already met with NVR and will hopefully be meeting with Rite Rug to choose out our flooring, cabinets, and counter tops within the next week!