Saturday, April 25, 2015

Framing is Complete and We Have Windows!

We went up to the lot again today just for something to do.  We weren't expecting to see them working on the house, but they were pretty busy putting in windows, finishing the space blanket looking stuff, and hammering away.  I love seeing it all come together!  And one of my favorite parts is definitely the rounded window in the front.

 The top is on and windows installed.  Can't you just see a Christmas tree in that middle window at the top?   Maybe that's just me...

They were installing our morning room windows while we were there.

And a little shout out to our neighbors in lot 8.  You had pink flags!  You can't see them from here, but they are there which I think is a great sign!
Next week, they are starting the roof.  And once that's on, weather doesn't affect their work schedule!  So exciting!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We Have, Like, A HOUSE!!!

Our project manager told us that they were going to be working on framing last week and yesterday,  they had started the second floor.  We were so excited to get up there and see what has been done.  Honestly, it was almost overwhelming to see our house.  It was hard to picture our house with just the foundation and basement walls, but now.  NOW!  It was just amazing.  We are so excited to see everything we've been waiting for to start to take shape :)

 I'm SO glad we ended up adding the extra two windows in the family room.
 Looking into the basement through one of the garage doors.
 Our walkout basement and our morning room door.
 Looking up to the family room.
 The back windows in the morning room looking to the front of the house.

 Back of the family room and two bedrooms.
 The only window on this side of the house, our master bath window.
 Our basement.  Still waiting for the slab to be poured...
 Our dining room with the kitchen behind it and the morning room behind it.
 Our living room and family room in the back.
 Our front yard.
 Stairs going up to the second floor.
 The view from our walk out basement.
We also got an e-mail from our project manager after we left saying that they should finish up the framing this week and have the roof installed starting next.  Keep it coming!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Framing Has Begun

We went up to our lot today.  Our project manager had e-mailed us saying that the plumbing was finished and passed inspection and code and that they were going to start framing this week because they had framers.  Once they get the first floor in, he said they would poor the concrete slab on the floor of the foundation.  But, we were very excited to see all of the wood be put to use.

 The last couple of times we've gone to see the lot, at least for the last lot, there's been a large pile of wood near the entrance to the street.  Today, we learned that it was our wood!  They had it sitting in the street in front of another house being built, but for some reason I thought it was for that house even though it's completely framed!  While we were there today, we watched them drive a large crane down, pick up part of the pile of wood, and bring it back to our lot!  How fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Week of Progress!

We went up to our lot this afternoon and were very excited to see that they've finished the underground plumbing.  We got an e-mail from our project manager saying that they've got the framers so they're going to start framing our first floor this upcoming week!  They already had some of the wood delivered as well as the windows.  I just love seeing all of this happen!
 A front door.
 All of our windows!  I love the one that's rounded at the top!
 The window that will go in our master bath.
 Looking from the back.  They've already filled in on the side and front of the house.
 The waterproof material on the sides.

 The front of the house, once again with the hole filled in.
 The side looking to the back of the house.

And our large pile of wood.  The progress looking at the front of the house.  I'm excited for the framing to start!