Saturday, May 30, 2015

Preparing For Paint

Following our Saturday tradition, we stopped at the lot today.  We haven't been in a week, so I was excited to see what was done.  They finished the brick, they finished the dry wall, and there were painters there to put primer on the walls.  It's so exciting to get an idea of what it will actually look like in the end.
 The brick finished in the front.  We're still waiting on the siding and the shutters.
 They even got our front step.
 Along the bottom of the side of the house.

 The garage.
 Back with the walk out basement.
 Back of the house.
Looking at our neighbor's house, which FINALLY got framed this week!
 Morning room in the basement.

 Long basement shot.
 Morning room.
 Morning room from the kitchen.
 Looking to the front door.
 Family room.
 I am SO glad we got these two windows and this fireplace!
 Living room.
 Front of the house.
 Looking into the family room from the living room.
 Dining room looking into kitchen and morning room.
 Another view of the front rooms.
 Looking up the stairs.
What our rough ceilings look like.
Got to practice some more Spanish and learned that they were doing the primer today.  While I was taking pictures, they were taping everything off and as we left, they were starting the spraying on of primer.  This week, they are getting all of the indoor painting done and trim installed!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Brick is Going Up and I LOVE IT!

We stopped by the lot again tonight, not really knowing what they've completed this week.  I feel like the whole insulation thing has been such a stress.  So many little things here and there that weren't filled in, weren't done properly, whatever.  We got an e-mail from the PM on Thursday saying that they finished everything we had e-mailed about (we hope) and that was that.  So, when we got there today, it was all covered up by sheet rock, so we'll just have to take his word for it.  It's seriously not possible for us to be up there everyday.  But, what we did see what great!

I just love it!  We definitely picked the right one for us.  This is the Allendale Brick.
 Walking into the basement.
 Basement bath.
 Morning room basement.
 Looking from the sliding glass doors.
 Going up the basement stairs.
 Family room.  Mostly, they did work around the windows and door frames.
 Morning room.
 Living room.
 Dining room.
 Looking back from the front door.
 Dining room again.
 Master bedroom.
Pantry and doorway.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In the Process of Dry Wall

We stopped by the lot today.  I feel like so much has happened over the last 3 days in terms of craziness.  There were a few things that I mentioned in the last post about insulation that we wanted to have fixed and on top of that, we also found a few outside wall spots that didn't have any insulation and so I just feel like there's been a lot of e-mails and stress and such.  Because of that, my husband suggested we go up to the house today to see what's been done and if things that were promised to be fixed have been fixed.  Also, kind of annoyed with Guardian.  There was a little miscommunication on where to place an ethernet port in one of the bedrooms.  When we did our pre-drywall walk through, we brought it up to our project manager who said to contact Guardian.  An e-mail was sent, there's been no response, and it's now got dry wall over it.  Great, Guardian.  It's not the biggest deal, it still works where it is.  It's just annoying that they never responded or did anything.

Anyways, I finally got the pictures that I wanted.  So here's some progress photos!
Our brick has been delivered!
And some more brick.
 The garage was packed with all kinds of fun stuff!  Doors!  And a screen door!  And casings for the doors!
 Kitchen cabinets!  And our countertop!  I've been a little nervous about our countertop selection.  We chose the laminate Perlato Granite.  And I have to say, I'm really happy with how it looks :)
 A better angle of of the countertops.
 Some bathroom sinks.
The kitchen sink
Now for the rooms.
 Basement bath.  Not much has changed.
 Looking down from the morning room.
 Garage door on the right.
 Our recessed lights.
 Morning room portion of the basement.
Looking towards the morning room portion.
 Pantry on the left, fridge will be on the right.
 Family Room.
 Living room.
 Looking across the front of the house.  Living room to dining room.
 Powder room.
 Morning room.
 Morning room looking out.
 Morning room ceiling.
 Dining room with dry wall materials.
 Looking across the front, dining room to living room.
 Dining room.
 Looking into kitchen and morning room from dining room.
 Looking into living room.
 Looking upstairs.
 Looking down the hallway.  Laundry room straight ahead, two bedrooms on the left, one bedroom on the right and bathroom.
 And another bedroom at the top of the stairs.
 Bedroom #2
 Bedroom #5
 Closet in the 5th bedroom.
 Upstairs main bathroom.
 Laundry room.
 Bedroom #3

 Bedroom #4
 Bedroom #4 closet.
 Walking into master bedroom.
 Master bedroom.
Master bathroom.
Master bath.  Double vanity on the left, toilet farther back on the left, master closet straight back.
I have to say, we were pleased to see that where we did have concerns in the basement were still exposed.  Hopefully all of that will be taken care of over the next few days.  It's kind of surprising.  Some rooms looked larger having the walls up and other rooms looked smaller.  But overall, we're pleased with how it's all coming together.