Sunday, June 14, 2015

2 Weeks To Go!

We stopped up at the house again yesterday.  We weren't sure if we would be locked out or not, but the garage door was open, so we took that as an opportunity to go check out more changes.  I really can't believe that we are down to 2 weeks from Tuesday.  It's going so fast.  I've been going through all of our stuff and need to start pulling out the boxes to pack.  Things are definitely looking great!
 So fun to see our front door lights on!  They started to clean up the outside this week.
 They also started laying things down for the driveway.
 Where our driveway will be.

 We're really interested to see what our backyard will really look like.

 Our garage is looking pretty empty again.
 The blue tape has come out.  They've been touching up on the drywall and paint this week.
 Our toilets were installed this week.
 As well as our faucets and mirrors.
 And door knobs.
 Water tank installed.
 What it looks like under the basement stairs.
 Our fireplace arrived!!!
 The Green Granite surround on the fireplace.

And WHOA!  Our appliances were installed as was the island.  I am so excited to have such a large kitchen!
 Closer up of the gas stove and microwave.
 Pantry door.
 Our dishwasher.  Still no sink.
 The drawers on the island.
 Where the fridge will go.

 The Morning Room.
 Looking at the kitchen through the morning room.

 Dining Room.

 Looking back from the front door.
 Light fixtures have been installed.
 Our tiny entryway closet.
 Looking back from the living room.

 Main Floor Bathroom.

 Master Bedroom.
 Thermostat in the master bedroom.
 Door leading to the hallway on the left, door leading to the master bath on the right.
 Shower and linen closet.
 Double vanity and toilet.
 Door leading to the master closet through the bathroom.
 Looking down the hallway.  Kind of a weird door for the laundry room at the end.
 Bedroom #2
 Bedroom #2 closet.
 Bedroom #5
 Bedroom #4
 Bedroom #4 double door closet.
 Bedroom #3
Looking back to the stairs.
Happy construction!  We're definitely going to start packing and getting everything ready to go this week!


  1. Wow.. the house is oh so ready for you :). everything looks superb. and Laundry room has those doors because of the gas dryer connection I guess. Cool just two weeks... Happy packing :)

    1. Thanks! That's interesting about the door, but I guess it makes sense. So do they have a finish date for you yet?

    2. Maybe July 23-24th.. So excited to be there neighbor :)

  2. I absolutely love your home! I think that there is just something about the addition of brick to a house that adds another element of class! I also think that you made an excellent choice of granite surround for the fireplace. My sister recently remodeled her home and chose the exact same granite for her wet bar.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock