Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Goodness, Things Are Looking Good!

Once again, a Saturday is upon us so up to the lot we went.  It's just getting better and better every time we go.  Just so much to love!  I'll let the pictures do the talking.
 The siding was put up (Irish Thistle), the shutters were added and the white trime.  I LOVE IT ALL!

 Garage doors have also been installed.  Love those!
They were working on the back of the house while we were there.
 Basement paint and trim have been done.
 The bathroom is coming along.  Our vanity, light fixture, and light switch and outlet covers were on.  And I'm just realizing, electricity was on!
 We just got the standard vanities and I have to say, I actually really like them.  The color is a much better color than I was thinking it would be.  It's lighter than it looks in pictures.
 The light fixture.  The mirror was in the tub.
 Our vents in the ceiling.
 Morning room portion of the basement.
 Another shot of the vanity with lovely blue lines.
 Looking down at the other end of the basement.  Some doors have also been installed.
 The mechanical heart of the home.
We got out balusters and they were stained.  We chose the dark oak.  I love them!  They're actually darker than what I thought they would be.
 Our kitchen cabinets and counters were installed!  No island yet as they were laying down the vinyl flooring while we were there.  Once again,s tandard cabinets.  And I'm once again just realizing, we have knobs on the doors.  I didn't know we'd get those.  I feel like this is more true to color.  They are the Timberlake Maple Honey cabinets.The counter tops are laminate perlato granite.
 Morning room.
 Our kitchen flooring with a random shoe.

 Where the carpet will start.
 We now have windowsills as well.
 Family room.
 Another shot of the kitchen.
 Entrance to the house with our balusters.  Love that color.  The chandelier was also installed in the dining room.  It's actually supposed to be in the morning room.

 Sorry, I just really love this color.
 Going up to the second floor.
 Looking back from the front door.

Family room again.
 Outlets going into the master bedroom.
Double vanity in the master bath.
 LOVE THIS WINDOW!!!  Even if it is in a closet.
 Back of the window closet.
 Laundry room.
 Double closet doors in bedroom #4.
 Upstairs hall bath vanity.
 Closet door in upstairs bedroom.
Partial wall at the top of the steps.  This is looking towards the master bedroom.
And looking down the hallway.  It's much better looking than I thought it would be.
We even have a hall light installed.
 And a few more of the back of the house.

Can't it just be done already?!  I'm so ready to just move in.  Everything is so much better than I ever thought it would or could be.  We're feeling very blessed right now.


  1. Oh my my!! I was waiting for your post. All so gorgeous and warm and beautiful.. When are you guys moving in?? Cant wait to knock on the door and say hi :)

  2. As of right now, we having our closing scheduled for June 30th at 11 am and we want to try and move in that night. We are so excited to be your neighbors! And I can't believe you have your pre drywall in two days! That's great!

  3. Where is THE Saturday update?? :)

    1. I know, I know. I'm slacking! We had a busy night last night, but I just put it up :)